Media and Entertainment

Since the Sony Hack, media and entertainment companies have been in the cyber attacks spotlight. In recent years, cyber attacks against media and entertainment companies have become increasingly frequent and sophisticated. For media companies, protecting their networks, data (internal and customers), and intellectual property has become more and more difficult.

Due to their long history, media and entertainment companies often use legacy systems that are not up to data on information security norms, and create potential weaknesses and exposure. In addition, third-party vendors are not managed consistently across the industry. While large companies have well-defined procedures for vendor IT assessment, smaller companies often rely on vendors’ “self-certification” that is less reliable and often problematic.

At Armolon, we offer managed security solutions as well as virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) for small to medium sized companies. For large media and entertainment companies, we are often engaged on an as needed basis such as penetration testing or cybersecurity consulting on a monthly retainer.