Energy and Utilities

The threat of cyber-attacks against the energy infrastructure is ever increasing. In 2014, a cyber attack that originated in China infiltrated a US public utility company. The Stuxnet targeting of the Iranian nuclear program is already well-documented. Cyber attacks on energy and public utility companies are not new and it is likely that due to cover up and under reporting, the ones that are heard about are just the tip of the iceberg.

Energy and public utility companies are more vulnerable because a small malfunction or an operational failure of energy infrastructure has a cascading impact on their internal operations, outside infrastructure systems, and fee-paying customers. This extended exposure makes energy and utility companies a prime target for cyber attacks (almost always utilizing malware and related ransoms).

At Armolon, we can help develop cybersecurity procedures and protocols that are compliant with the US Department of Energy Cybersecurity Framework. In addition, we can provide a comprehensive review and reporting on your current cybersecurity preparedness and address security gaps.

Finally, every US public services utility and municipality needs to be well aware of the crises created in March 2018 in the City of Atlanta, Georgia, when, due to primarily to malware attacks, public services and utilities were shut-down for approximately five days. The shut-down put the public at risk, and has caused a significant legal liability for the utilities and the City of Atlanta.