Educational Institutions

Institutions of higher education face unique cybersecurity challenges. With a diverse group of data consumers and multiple points of entry, securing sensitive data and responding to data breaches is a daily battle. Most institutions are still using outdated identity management systems to manage and track access that increase their cybersecurity/data breach risks. In addition, cost cutting measures such as cloud data storage and outsourcing IT functions amplify their risk exposure.

Additionally, educational institutions have not invested adequately in developing business continuity and disaster recovery plans in case of data breaches and service interruption. Widespread use of open source unsupported software products, including free WiFi with little monitoring, has compounded the problem.

Keeping track of the cybersecurity/data breach threats is no easy task, but is critical to protect the network, IT infrastructure and integrity of institution and its assets. A third party vendor such as Armolon can help in risk mitigation, IT assessment, network security and development of policies and procedures and to reduce and mitigate cybersecurity and data breach exposure.